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Live Scan Fingerprinting in Los Angeles, California

Triomph Private Security Offers Live Scan Fingerprinting

Live scan is the go-­to industry standard for background check applications such as criminal booking, sexual offender registration, and civil applicant background check. The live scan fingerprinting technology offers no messy inks or loose cards that need to be maintained.
Your fingerprints are “rolled” across a glass plate and scanned to capture your print electronically. The prints are then forwarded electronically to the FBI, Department of Justice or another authorized agency.
Image of fingerprint scan
It is a faster, cleaner, and more accurate background check process than the old ink and roll method. We employ this method in fingerprinting for all of our own background checks and guard card certifications, but we also offer it for outside applications as well.
We are an approved walk-in center for any live scan registration. If you have any questions about live scan for your security guard card, church group, nonprofit concern or any other security reason, then give us a call at 424-331-9194.
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