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Security Guard Services in Los Angeles, California

Since 2001, we have seen the need for security and protection grow in both commercial and residential sectors. security guards services have become a necessary part of life throughout the state, including Los Angeles, Orange County and Southern California. At any given moment, you may encounter a security guard professional in local office buildings, residential units, and special events venues.
Here is a look into the roles security guards take on in Los Angeles and Southern California.
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The Role of Security Guards:

The main role of a Triomph Inc. professional is to protect, monitor, guard, and patrol all assigned areas in order to deter and forbid theft, damage, violence, and other unlawful acts against our clients and their properties.  

Triomph Inc. also does the following:
  • Provides protection of assets, property and persons from theft, damage, harm, or unlawful acts.
  • Serves as a crime deterrent; observes, detects, monitors and reports unlawful activities.
  • Provides perimeter and street patrol monitoring services.
  • Responds to a security alarm alert system.

Our Security Guards Protect!

Prevention, protection and deterrence are the top priorities of Triomph Inc. Our security guards are highly trained, and they work hard to prevent offenses before they have a chance to manifest. In Southern California, our security guards keep people of all occupations safe, enabling them to go about their daily lives. Everyday, our security guards are trusted to protect and provide safety of people and property. 

Where Do Triomph Security Guards Work?

Our security guards work in a wide variety of sectors, industries, and private concerns that are found in many different settings throughout Los Angeles, Orange County, and Southern California. Any one of our security guards can be found working in local schools, bus stations, metro outlets, hospitals, schools, special events and local government agencies.

Our Security Guards are highly trained!

Triomph Inc. security guards undergo a thorough and highly extensive training to ensure that they are prepared to handle whatever comes their way while on duty.
State and federal laws require security guards to be registered with the state and to complete a set of training courses before they are released for security detail. If you would like to find out more about what our security guard services offer, please call us today at 424-331-9194.
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